Belgian Chocolate for Father’s Day


Don’t miss Father’s day! How about a box of Chocolate Cigars or Truffles or Biscuits?

Choose your gift of hand-decorated deluxe Belgian  chocolates, truffles and biscuits! We have such a variety of flavours and designs to suit your requirements!


We also offer 70% or Sugar-free chocolate.

Our biscuits are superior and contain the very best Belgian chocolate:


Pecan Caramel,

Double dark Chocolate espresso,

Creamy dark ,

Jumblies – Honey and Chocolate

Rocky Road Mallows,

Scrunchies – Giant biscuits with Vanilla choc chip, Cherry,or Astros

Gluten free Vanilla biscuits with Choc Chip, cherry or dates

Satin smooth Fudge


Chocolate Sensations Hilton custom-made Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Wedding Favours 

Chocolate Sensations Hilton designs and makes affordable and appealing celebratory chocolates, slabs and bars, biscuits or mini-hampers. We use your theme; your colour scheme; your choice of chocolate treats, all within the Budget you stipulate!

Chocolate Sensations Hilton knows that Weddings are costly, so  treat your guests to a superior, but affordable, Belgian Chocolate Wedding Favour! This gift will please EVERYONE and your money would be well-spent.



Chocolate Sensations Hilton Easter chocolate Orders

This gallery contains 65 photos.

Extended Easter Price List 2018 2017 list Our Easter range is open for Orders. We can be contacted through Our Easter novelties and Easter Bunnies are priced from R6 to R110 Tell us what you want to spend and select your  items for gift Hampers and boxes of chocolates. Chocolate Sensations Hilton Easter Price … Continue reading

When it’s not Valentine’s day

When it’s not Valentine’s day – just Chocolate day!!!

It does’nt have to be Valentine’s Day, for you to give that special person a box of Chocolate Sensations Hilton’s beautifully handcrafted and tempered Barry Callebaut Belgian Chocolates.

Long box R40  and Square box R 80

Slab with personal message (striped wrapper your choice of colour R 22 each

Never too young to appreciate good Chocolate

This morning, a very young Chocolate fan came to our Stall with a R200 note in his hand. He was accompanied by two adults, Mum and Granny, who anxiously and tentatively told him not to spend ALL his money on chocolates.

His grandmother had mistakenly given him the R200 note (orange in colour)  instead of a R20 note (orangey-brown), which he refused to exchange. He headed for the Chocolate Sensations Hilton Stall!!!

The little boy chose a plastic heart-shaped box filled with red and silver wrapped chocolate hearts and paid for it. It cost R20 and when we asked him who it was for, he answered ” For ME,” and turned away, leaving the relieved adults to take the change!!!




Treats for Events and functions

Using the very best Callebaut Belgian Chocolate to craft superior slabs for Wedding Favours or Place settings

50 gram (medium slab) – personalised wrapper with NAME or MESSAGE

Chocolate Cigars and Slabs for Corporate events – personalised for the occasion

A pack of 4 Belgian Chocolate Message slabs for Valentine’s day (Love, Joy, Fun, Mischief or Other!)