For the Young at Heart

We only use the finest belgian chocolate and fillings. All chocolates can be wrapped in foil or packed in bags or boxes depending on the customer’s needs.

Our Bumble-bees, Frogs and Tortoises can be plain chocolate, or filled with Fudge or Caramel or one of our other tasty fillings! We make them two-toned or painted or plain!

Bill_ChocSamples_feb2013 035

Assorted  “minis”

Bill_ChocSamples_feb2013 010

Bees – Milk                              Bees – White

Bill_ChocSamples_feb2013 073

Tortoise – various combinations – filled or plain

ChocSamples_feb2013 002

Try our delicious double-layered Daisies or Logs – shortbread, Barazil nuts, Fudge or Caramel!

Oval_pilow_treat_feb2013 045

Mini belgian chocolate slab or oval (Welcome or Good Night or Happy Birthday)

Bill_ChocSamples_feb2013 083

Large Two-tone belgian chocolate heart – filled

Bill_ChocSamples_feb2013 084

Medium plain or belgian chocolate hearts –  two-tone heart or plain


ChocSamples_feb2013 010

Daisy and Bee combination – filling of choice

dark_rose1 dark_rosebud1

Chocolate roses on sticks – filled or plain; dark, milk or white




A pair of decorated chocolate hearts, filled or plain






Belgian Chocolate caterpillar, butterfly, snail, moth or ladybird – filled or plain; dark, milk or white or two-tone; filled or plain; decorated



botswana_ed_aug_2013 664

Large Lion, bear, hippopotomus also available; small chocolate log or star – filled and decorated


Belgian chocolate snail



Three-tone, colourful star – filled – plain or decorated

teddy1 teddy2

Large Belgian chocolate bear – filled, decorated


Daisies – filled, decorated, plain or two-tonethree_daisies2 three_daisies4A few of the large belgian chocolate flowers in our range – filled; plain or decorated


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