Chocolate Sensations Hilton at the Nottingham Road Moonlight Market – 15 November 2014

Chocolate Sensations Hilton will be at the (Nottingham Road) Notties Moonlight Market – 15 November ! We look forward to chatting to our chocolate fans. Look for us at the Sherwood  Centre (Spar entrance)  in Nottingham Road, KZN Natal Midlands.

We offer affordable, hand painted belgian chocolates and biscuits.

choc-10 choc-9  choc-6    choc-7 choc 11-2 choc-5

Belgian chocolate Father Christmas and GiftsFrosty the Snowman!

Frosty the Snowman! Welcome wreathes; Fir trees; Bells and many more!

xmas_cupcakes_dec2012 018

Boats and trains and cars and planes!!!

Boats and trains and cars and planes!!!

Chocolate aums - signifying Peace

Chocolate aums – signifying Peace

BigCamera_Card_2014 011

Belgian chocolate aums

White chocolate biscuitsl biscuit

White belgian chocolate slices


Choc chip belgian chocolate brownies


Dark belgian chocolate slices

Satin smooth Fudge

Satin smooth Fudge

Creany, Belgian Chocolate sauce - assorted flavours

Sugar-free milk and dark slabs

Diabetic milk and dark slabs – contains Maltitol

whirls1_ 082

Packaged single, filled belgian chocolates



tempered_choc_bar_70%_ 016


Chocolate slabs – DARK, tempered, 70%, Belgian – ALSO IN MILK (54%)



sport1_ 065


Fun Sport slabs in tempered belgian chocolate 



teddy1flower_3_ 001



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