Valentine’s Day – affordable Chocolate ideas


Valentine’s day is still observed by many people and Chocolate features high on the list of gifts!


Some ideas for you:-

Subtle Gifts and Tokens

Just a small selection of a wide variety of  possibilities:-

Remember, our chocolates are hand- crafted using the finest Belgian Chocolate, with your choice of delectable fillings or just deliciously plain.

Hampers – any size you want!

These contain your choice of chocolate products and are costed accordingly.

Oh! Another thing, ladies and gentlemen – LEAP YEAR 2016 is only a year away … Remind the girl of your dreams that you REALLY care – just saying!!!

080 079 075 074 072 070 068 064

Chocs_favours_aug_2013 069  Dates_Jun_2014 117Bill_ChocSamples_feb2013 084 BigCamera_Card_2014 004white_choc_turkish1_ 075Dainty Chocolate treat1

Almond confection – white, milk chocolate with turkish delight, coconut ice or cherries and almonds. Edible Food transfers – designs as available

white_choc_turkish2_ 077milk_truffles1

Truffles – whisky gnache, chocolate gnache, lime-chilli gnache…

Chpc_Valentine_2_Jan2013 011

Chpc_Valentine_3_Jan2013 011

70% Belgian chocolate

70% Belgian chocolate

three_tone_heartroses3Easter - low res-13  choc-5White chocolate biscuitsl biscuit

Carob and peanut butter truffles

Carob and peanut butter truffles

10001287_468220626637219_76430969_nChpc_Valentine_Jan2013 060 Chpc_Valentine_Jan2013 054



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