Easter Price List – basics

Our Basic Easter Price List is attached, but we customise gifts, so choose your combination and order singles, packets or hampers to your specific liking and we will do our very best for you!


Easter Hens and Chicks – R25.00


Easter Eggs with flowers or bumble bees – R25.00


Small box  (3 – 4 large chocolates) – R20.00

Cube (5 chocolates) –  price increases depending on number of chocolates – R30.00

Rectangular box  (5 large chocolates) – R30.00

Square box (9 large or 12 small chocolate) – R55.00


Easter range  – between R5.00 and R12.00


Half eggs on sticks – R8.00


Bunnies R6.00 ea and chick R8.00


Semi-hollow egg (ie. nice thick shell) – R10.00

Half egg with filling – R8.00


Mother Rabbit with eggs in open box – R25.00


Bunny packs (2 in a pack) – R12.00

Easter 6

Hen in basket – R8.00

Flat egg discs (ideal for table settings or Easter basket) – R8.00 ea


Funky half eggs with fillings or Astros and small chocolates  R15.00 ea

Bunny and Mummy bunnies

Little Lady Bunnies – R 20.00 each

big bunny

Tempered Belgian Chocolate Bunny – decorated or plain (as above), in MILK OR DARK or WHITE CHOCOLATE  –  Large R 100.00; Medium R60.00



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