Sustainably manufactured Callebaut Belgian couverture chocolate

“About Callebaut” – in a nutshell

Callebaut is a Belgian chocolate brand, owned by the Barry Callebaut Group

Callebaut is a Belgian couverture chocolate manufacturer. Couverture chocolate is chocolate with a high cocoa butter content used by gourmet and culinary professionals.

Many professionals who use Callebaut couverture chocolate use it for its workability and typical taste, which has remained constant over the decades.

The company’s core chocolate range is manufactured in Belgium from bean to chocolate according to traditional recipes.

Callebaut still applies the whole-bean roasting technique (instead of roasting cocoa kernels), as it did over 100 years ago. This technique allows the preservation of all the flavors and aromatic oils within the cocoa husk and fully releases them in the chocolate. Whole-bean roasting is nowadays often used by artisan, small-batch chocolate makers. Callebaut has preserved this original roasting method.

Chocolaterie Callebaut

Couverture chocolate Callets, small drop-shaped chocolate pieces, were developed to optimize the workability of chocolate. Dosing, melting and tempering work better with smaller drops than with the original big 5kg blocks of chocolate.

Sustainable growth

In 1996 Callebaut merged with French chocolate maker Cacao Barry to form the Barry Callebaut group. Both chocolate brands however  exist separately under the Barry Callebaut umbrella, with Callebaut as its premium couverture chocolate brand for Belgian Chocolate.

In May 2012 Callebaut was Belgium’s first chocolate brand to shift to sustainably grown cocoa for all its Finest Belgian Chocolate recipes.

  • Callebaut was Belgium’s first chocolate brand to partner up directly with cocoa farmers and cooperatives to grow cocoa beans sustainably through its Growing Great Chocolate program.
  • The launch of Callebaut’s Growing Great Chocolate program was aimed at making cocoa cultivation a sustainable source of income for West African farmers and have a positive impact on farmer livelihoods.
  • Callebaut is the first chocolate manufacturer in the world and the first food manufacturer in Belgium to obtain the ISO-9002 certificate for its constant care for quality.

Awards and decorations

In 1993 Callebaut received the Golden Quality Logo, which is only awarded to companies that are ISO-certified and show a clear progress in terms of integral quality


In 1990, Callebaut was the first chocolate manufacturer in the world and the first food manufacturer in Belgium to obtain the ISO-9002 certificate for its constant care for quality. Over the following years, Callebaut received a variety of other quality certificates, including:

Retail Consortium (BRC)

The self-checking system Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (ACS)


Bio (EU)

NOP (USDA Organic)


Sunfield Fair Howick – 1 may 2015

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Chocolate Sensations will be at the very popular Sunfield Fair in Howick, on Friday 1 May FROM 09h00.  Looking forward to seeing our Chocolate fans at this vibrant Fair. Buy your Mother’s Day gifts and chocolate treats for friends and family; select your favourite flavours from our “singles” platters or choose from our selection of slabs and bars. Our chocolates are made … Continue reading

Chovolate sensations – Callebaut Belgian chocolate bars and slabs – Ordinary or Sugar-free

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      Tempered Callebaut Belgian chocolate – filled or plain     SUGAR-FREE CHOCOLATES – containing Maltitol – tempered –  just one of our many bars and slabs -one of these two tasty bars  has Pistatios, the other has Macadamia nuts!!!  

Belgian Chocolate Biscuit just for you!

chocs_mothers day 2015 036

Biscuits dripping with Callebaut Belgian Chocolate! How delicious! How delightful to serve for tea or as a desert at that important luncheon or dinner!

Just a peek at three of our products:

Costs between R3 and R5 for one; each box below are priced according to the size of the biscuit.

chocbiscuits3_ 2015 029

Samples below:-

Moist Chocolate Brownies R18

choc_brownies1_ 2015 039

Dark Belgian Chocolate Slices R25choc_slices_dark1_ 2015 037

White Belgian Chocolate Caramel slices with (nuts) R25choc_choc_pecan_caramel2_2015 032

Chocolate Sensations Hilton – Local or Long-distance Mother’s Day Gifts and Hampers

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