Chocolate Sensations Hilton – Local or Long-distance Mother’s Day Gifts and Hampers

Mother’s day is upon us! Order a delectable BELGIAN CHOCOLATE FAN hamper or gift pack for that one person in the world who gives you unconditional love (and supports you through thick and thin!!!) OR just because she is a CHOCOLATE FAN and treats you like FAMILY!


Fillings or Plain chocolate – cherries, nuts, dates, gnaches, mallows, pralines, caramels, coconut, mints, coffee, shortbread, etc,etc,etc!!!

Hampers: YOU (or WE) Choose a selection from our range of slabs, bars, single chocs, biscuits, sauces, fudge!

Gifts: ANY one or more of our Belgian Chocolate products

Local Delivery: We will deliver to her doorstep if she is in Hilton or to the Lazy Lizard in Howick.

COURIER OR SPEED SERVICE rates would be added for more distant places and this would be included in the quote. Email us for a Price List.

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Wide choice of single chocolates (cost between R5 and R8 each) to fill a variety of gift boxes! 

Choc_heartswhite_choc_turkish2_ 077Easter3


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