Looking forward to sharing a vibrant and happy  evening with our chocolate fans at DUNROBIN Evening Market from 18h00 to 21h00 on 26 February 2016

EASTER samples will be on display so that you can get your ORDERS in early!


Easter4Easter6 big bunnyBunny and Mummy bunniesEaster10Easter8P1100988 (1)Easter5P1100986P1100987Easter7

Easter Bunnies and Chicks, filled or plain, in Dark, Milk or White Belgian chocolateEaster2Easter1

Boats and trains and cars and planes!!!



choc_plate3  2014-12-21 15.40.56 chocolate table slabs1

Cranberry Chocolates


star1 botswana_ed_aug_2013 671 botswana_ed_aug_2013 673 botswana_ed_aug_2013 679choc-5

2014-05-10 07.55.42 2014-05-10 07.55.33

Satin smooth Fudge

choc_slices_dark1_ 2015 037

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