Chocolate Sensations Hilton applauds Barry Callebaut Group “sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025″

Double delight for our customers.

Chocolate Sensations Hilton is excited to hear that the Zurich-based Barry Callebaut chocolate manufacturer is to “announce a unique product innovation” which will result in a new, unique taste experience!!!

According to BC@Groupnews, the World’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, is to make the announcement of “one of the biggest chocolate breakthroughs in 80 years” during an exclusive event on September 5, 2017 in Shanghai, China.

The Barry Callebaut Group is committed to making “sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025.”


Easter Collection 2017 – Chocolate Sensations

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Easter Collection 2017 – Chocolate Sensations – Artisanal, hand-decorated Bunnies, Hens, Eggs and Hampers made from Callebaut tempered Belgian Chocolate . Prices range from R 7 to R 180. Contact for item prices.

Chocolate Sensations Hilton – Reviewed by a Durban blogger

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At Fern Hill Food and Wine Fair we met the charming Revlaine Hurford Douglas, a Blogger from the seaside city of Durban. He generously blogged about Chocolate Sensations Hilton and reviewed a small sample of our products. Read the review on Revlaine’s Blog at Chocolate Sensations met Alex Poltera, Executive Chef at Fern Hill Hotel … Continue reading

Chocolate Sensations Hilton at Aintree Lodge Market 14 October

Chocolate Sensations Hilton – Decadent Chocolates and other confectionery – the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate, tempered for your enjoyment!

3Wedding table 7  2014-05-10 07.55.42

We are at an upmarket craft market for young and old!!!

Date: October 2016

Venue: Aintree Lodge, Scottsville (near Ascot Inn)

Time: 18h00 to 21h00

  • Live music and dance floor; braziers to keep you warm; Liquid refreshments – hot and cold, non-alcoholic and alcoholic
  • Unique stall holders with an array of products, beautifully crafted, well presented and reasonably priced
  • Food Stalls – deliciously prepared and presented, at a fair price

Chocolate and Almonds – emerging trends

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Chocolate and Almonds – emerging trends Marketing Gurus tell us that emerging trends in the chocolate and confectionery categories reveal that “the role of almonds in high-quality products is significant” and that as much as “74 % of consumers around the world believe that chocolate tastes better with almonds” (Global Perception Report SRG, 2013).   … Continue reading

Chocolate is truly comforting

Chocolate is truly comforting and indulgent consumers expect the perfect combination of flavor, nutrition, crackle and creaminess!!! This is why Chocolate Sensations Hilton tempers Callebaut Belgian chocolate for use in all our chocolate products, including Sugar-free. Every purchase you make, helps to support cocoa the farmer. The beans used in the manufacture of this chocolate are … Continue reading

Chocolate Sensations Hilton at the Fern Hill Food and Wine Fair 30 September

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Looking forward to seeing our Chocolate fans at the fern Hill Food and Wine Fair on Friday evening from 18h00 to 21h00 in support of Howick Hospice.

Comrades Marathon Weekend – Good Luck from Chocolate Sensations

Looking forward to seeing our Chocolate fans at Dunrobin Evening Market on 27 May


Treat yourself to a comforting box of chocolates or a fabulously rich and creamy slab of  the BEST Barry Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, while you cheer from the sidelines.

Get an energy boost from our Dark Belgian Chocolate Slices or the delectable White Pecan Caramel biscuits!

IMG-20160429-WA0007 Gwynne5 DSCF3133 Wedding photo 3

Venue: DUNROBIN NURSERY – Look for us in the Food section

Date: 27 May 2016

Time: 18h00 to 21h00


Sugar-free and Diabetic Belgian Chocolate

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The Chocolate Sensations range of tempered Barry Callebaut Belgian Sugar-free and Diabetic chocolates make desirable gifts. Order a Box of singles – just tell us how much you would like to spend and we will create a gift according to your requirements. Ready-made chocolate gift boxes range from R 20 to R 98 Single chocolates = R 5 … Continue reading

Sunfield Country Fair 01 May 2016 in Howick

Chocolate sensations Hilton will be at the SUNFIELD COUNTRY FAIR from 09h00 16h00 on the 1 May.

Our full range of Belgian chocolates and chocolate products will be on sale!

Select your own chocolates from our Platters – R 5 t0 R 8 each

2014-05-10 07.55.42choc-19Dunrobin_choc_plates_sep2014 004

Yummy Farmyard Animals, Ponies and Unicorns, Chocolate Mice, Owls, Guitars, and much more – R4 to R 20

Chocolate Slabs and Bars – R 10 to R 44

Farm animalsFlavoured chocolate bars 1Large plain chocolate slab

Boxes of Chocolates, Chocolate Biscuits – R 25 to R 60;  Hampers – price dependent on contents chosen

Boxes of chocs2Selection of boxesGift BoxesDark belgiam choc slices

Selection of Room Drops and Pillow treats – optional: branded Sticker

Good Night Roomdrops 2